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Join today by visiting the subscribe page.  Our best rate is an annual subscription, which provides a discount over the monthly rate.  Subscribers receive an email after joining and the most recent portfolio report.  Once processed, subscribers begin to receive our model portfolio strategy alerts and monthly publication by email.

All subscriptions renew automatically at the end of the period.  You may cancel any time before the renewal and the subscription will terminate at the end of the term.  If you paid by credit card send us an email or if you joined by PayPal login to your account to cancel.


Strategy Alerts & Monthly Publication

Subscribers receive email strategy alerts that provide position changes for the portfolios.  The monthly publication provides current portfolio positions and performance.  Year-to-date performance for the strategies is updated month end versus the appropriate benchmarks.  A pdf version of the newsletter is provided.


Members may update their email, billing information or subscription status by contacting us.  Updates are processed in 24 hours.

Categories, Archives & Search Feature

The tabs on the right side of the page provide access to a particular category of our commentary.  Archives by date are provided for all categories.  The box on the right sidebar allows one to search by keyword to see if commentary on a particular topic is available.  Type the topic or date into the search box and any available commentary is displayed.

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Privacy and legal information is accessible under the FAQs menu.  Our site is secured using the latest in SSL technology.


The Timely Investor, LLC allows the use of brief quotations of our commentary, no more than a paragraph of text, provided such references include attribution and a direct link to   We reserve the right to withdraw our authorization for any use that we deem as potentially misleading.  Disclosure of our trade signals and portfolios is prohibited.

Preapproval is needed for more than brief quotations of our commentary.  Approved requests must include attribution as described above.  Regular or extensive re-production of any of our information is not permitted.  Unauthorized use of content is a violation of copyright law.

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