Our free newsletter’s mission is to educate the public about financial matters.  We provide understandable economic commentary from a unique perspective that’s not typically found in mainstream publications.  Our goal is to eliminate confusion and increase the knowledge of our readers.

Our subscription based portfolio strategies’ mission is to help individuals manage their investments.  The portfolio strategies eliminate the high cost of money management fees, while still offering direction.  We provide a number of strategies.  These include balanced and growth portfolios that are easily implemented with exchange traded funds.  We also offer a stock strategy for those that prefer to own individual equities.  Each portfolio is managed by Strategist Ralph Dennis.


Editor Bio

Ralph Dennis is an institutional investment consultant.  He established The Timely Investor® because he saw a real need for timely straightforward financial insight for individuals.  The portfolio strategies were created to offer an alternative to Wall Street or Big Bank programs.

Ralph Dennis began his career over 20 years ago, in the main room of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) at 11 Wall Street in New York, NY.  He learned his craft from a floor trader & NYSE member with a successful 40 year background.  Ralph Dennis experienced first-hand the IPO craze of the late ’90’s, when new issues were brought to the market daily.  He not only survived the tech bubble, but prospered and went on to continued investment success through the boom and bust cycles of the 9/11 attacks, War in Iraq and the real estate crisis.  Ralph Dennis holds a number of investment credentials including a Master’s Degree in the field of finance.


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